About Donna

Donna Roland is a Business Professional, Community Volunteer, Wife, Mother and Friend.  As a Women’s Speaker and Fashion Image Consultant, Donna is passionate about helping women to embrace the beauty they have been given and self confidence they deserve.  She believes we are all carefully created and divinely designed.

Donna has always had a flair for fashion even as a young girl who always had to have “just the right purse” to accompany every outfit.  Very little has changed with this Fashionista as she is still always searching for the perfect accessories to accent everything in her wardrobe.

Donna has experience working in the corporate world for over 20 years in Management, Human Resources, and in Training and Development and realizes the importance your total image portrays both to you and the company you work for. She has had her own business as a Professional Organizer for several years and has worked with clients to organize their homes and offices to create a life of less stress and greater self image.

With a desire to carry that a step further and her passion for helping women feel better about themselves, she became certified as a Christian Image Consultant through training with America’s premier Christian fashion expert Shari Braendel. She stays informed on the latest colors, styles and trends and can help you dress appropriately for your individual coloring and body type and specifically for your budget, faith and lifestyle. She also completed a training workshop in New York City with well-known Fashion Stylist, Stacy London, from TLC’s hit show What Not To Wear.

Donna loves working with women on the importance of appearance and the role it plays in defining who you are and what you want to represent. She is dedicated to helping you look and feel your very best!

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