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Do you know your Fashion Personality?

29 Jan

Hello my Beautiful Followers!

Did you know we all have our very own Fashion Personality?  Do you know what yours is?  Here are some descriptions to help you decide what yours might be.  Once you discover your fashion personality, it will make shopping even easier.

Creative Original

Creative Original 1                                  Creative Original 2                         Pure Natural 3

You are a Creative Original if:

  • You have a style all your own.
  • You wear outfits that others would never even consider putting together and you look wonderful!
  • You can find a unique jacket that is colorful and bright, and  team it with the artsy skirt you already own.
  • You will wear bold patterns like bright florals or zebra prints to add some splash to your outfits.
  • You like to find one-of-a-kind jewelry and handbags.

Classic Modern

Classic Modern 2                      Classic Modern 3                              Classic Modern 1

You are a Classic Modern if:

  • You have lots of basics in your wardrobe.
  • You love wearing traditional pieces of clothing and accessories that always have you looking put together.
  • You might add an unusual piece, like a ring or trendy necklace, but you like to stay understated and chic.
  • You always looks sophisticated in a soft, elegant kind of way.
  • You look like you spent a fortune on your wardrobe but you probably found each piece on sale.

Pure Natural

Pure Natural 1                            Pure Natural 2                           Pure Natural 3 

You might be a Pure Natural if:

  • You love fabrics like cotton, silk and linen.
  • You want your wardrobe to reflect the casual lifestyle you live and the earth you love so much.
  • You feel best in clothes that are loose, soft, and have an easy, comfortable feel.
  • You wear linen slacks and a blouse to have lunch with a friend and later wear denim to a ballgame.
  • Your won’t have many heels in your closet but maybe several pairs of flats or low wedges.

Style Fashionista

Style Fashionista 2               Style Fashionista 3                  Style Fashionista 1

You might be a Style Fashionista if:

  • You aren’t afraid to wear the latest trends.
  • You have no trouble finding pieces that work with items you already have and you love going big and bold.
  • You can pretty much shop in any store and find something that looks fabulous.
  • You stand out in a crowd because you know what to wear, how to wear it, and how to accessorize it.
  • You aren’t afraid of the trends and actually make them look like they’ve always been in style.

Of course there’s always that last Fashion Personality – “Ain’t Got No Style”!  But I know you can’t possibly fit into that category because you’ve been reading my Blog and you are learning how to look your very best!

If you would like help discovering you Fashion Personality along with learning about your best colors, how to dress your body shape and how to accessorize, contact me to schedule your very own Personal Style Analysis today!

New Year – New Closet!

7 Jan


If you are stuck in the house during this bitter cold weather most of us are experiencing, it is a great time to organize your closet!  Maybe you received new clothes for Christmas and need to make room for them in your closet.  Remember… new things in – old things out! Getting organized is one of the number 1 New Year’s Resolutions and did you know January is “National Get Organized Month”?  I posted these steps back in the fall but thought it would be a good time to post them again.

Your closet is one of the fastest places to get cluttered but it should be one of the most valued spaces in your home because it contains all the clothes that make you look and feel fabulous!

Here are some steps to help you get started on getting your closet ready for the new season:

Step One:

  • Set aside plenty of time to organize your closet.  If you don’t have time to do it all at once, take a section at a time.

Step Two:

  • Remove everything from your closet so that you are starting with a clean slate

Step Three:

  • Try on everything and make sure it still fits, it is still in style, it is still in good shape, it is your best color and fits your body type, you have things to go with it and it is something you would buy today. Make piles for “Keep”, “Mend”, “Donate” and “Toss”. Don’t forget to do the same thing with your underwear, bras, shoes, purses, belts, scarves and other accessories.

Step Four:

  • Clean and Laundry everything that needs it before putting back in the closet. If things need to be mended, make sure you do this as quickly as possible. Take the things to be donated to your car so you can drop them off the next time you are out. Get rid of the items in the “Toss” pile immediately.

Step Five:

  • Put all “Keep” items back in your closet. You can decide how to place the items back in the closet based on what will suit your needs best.  Separate by season and then you can separate by purpose, type, length, style or color or a combination of these.  Hang as much of your clothing as possible where you can see each garment easily.  If it is in a drawer out of sight, it is out of mind and will seldom get worn.

Step Six:

  • Be proud of your accomplishment!
  • Remember if you bring in something new, something old needs to go out.

Other Helpful Tips:

  • Use the same type of hangers and make sure all items are hanging in the same direction.
  • Stuff boots with rolled up magazines or boot trees so they retain their shape.
  • Stuff handbags with tissue paper and store on a shelf.
  • Leave breathing room in between items so they aren’t jammed in to prevent wrinkles.
  • Store small, loose items like socks, lingerie, bathing suits, pantyhose, etc. in drawer systems, baskets or clear plastic containers.
  • Hang accessories on hooks in your closet.
  • Take shoes out of their original boxes and store on some type of shoe rack.
  • Keep a basket in the closet to place items to take to dry cleaners.
  • Keep a small wastebasket in the closet.
  • Fill a small basket with last minute fix-up items: lint brush or roller, pin-cushion, small scissors, etc.

Before and AfterBefore & After

Before & After 2       Before and After

Happy 2014!

2 Jan

Happy New Year picture

A New Year brings such hope doesn’t it?  It IS like having a sparkly, do-over, shiny, blank canvas to start fresh!  It is a time to reflect on the year past and not just think about all the things we did wrong, or the things we wish we had done but didn’t, or be discouraged over last year’s resolutions that we didn’t accomplish.  Do you know that only 8% actually accomplish those resolutions each year?   Take a few moments and focus on all the good things you were able to accomplish and the positive changes you made and the impact you had on others.

One of my favorite sayings is:  “I cannot change yesterday…I can only make the most of today and look with hope toward tomorrow.” Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord.  Plans for good and not evil, to give you a future and a hope.”  Whether it is January 1st or March 18th or June 22nd or October 28th, each and every day gives us new hope and a promise that God has plans for us and will always be with us.  Yes, this means even when we mess up!  We are who we are because of the challenges we’ve faced (and how we handled them).

One of the definitions of “hope” that I found says : “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen”.  As I am looking at a fresh (sparkly of course) new canvas for 2014, I am certainly thinking of things that I desire will happen this year.  I think it is very important that we all strive to better ourselves each day.  As hard as it is , it is so important to not get stuck on focusing on all our flaws but instead thinking of ways to improve upon the person that God made us to be.  His desire is for us to be the best we can be and whether that means you need to lose a few pounds to be a more healthier person, you need to be more organized so that you can use your time more wisely,  or you start caring more about what you look like and what impression you are leaving on those around you, it is most important that you are in His Word and are growing in your personal relationship with Him.   By doing this, you will have the desire to be the best YOU you can be!

I am so thankful that while I may not have the promise of life without challenges, I do have the promise of God always being with me to handle whatever challenges may come my way!  My prayer is for each of you to realize that promise too and for you to be able to face each day of this new year with a heart full of hope and promise and a willingness to listen to God and desire to be everything He created you to be!

I look forward to spending 2014 with you and hopefully being able to guide you through with helpful tips and encouragement along the way.

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