Accessorizing for the Holidays

12 Dec

In a recent post I wrote about choosing a great outfit for your festive Holiday parties.  Now let’s discuss accessorizing!  You may already have something in your closet you can wear to the party but just need to add a little sparkle to really stand out and shine.

a5d837f15039d9c588cd28523a4885fa    Add a sparkly necklace to bring attention upward to your beautiful face.

b7a99dde3174824fbf774de85a550377    Add a shiny bracelet for that perfect “bling” to your dress.

a136a672c8332464de75f350b2d2b40f  Add a fun infinity red scarf to add a pop of color to your jeans and top.

When choosing your accessories don’t forget to stay in proportion to your frame size.  If you are 5′ 2″ or shorter, keep your prints and accessories small so that they don’t outshine you!  If you are 5’3″ to 5’7″, you can choose prints and accessories that are medium to large in size.  If you are 5’8′ or taller, you can go bold and big with your prints and accessories.  Accessorizing in proportion to your frame size is a very important element of dressing to look your very best.


Remember to wear just enough accessories so that you look completely put together from head to toe and not too many that you get mistaken for the Christmas tree! Are you familiar with the 16 point accessory rule I discuss in my workshops?

Perfect dressing is in the details and you want to make sure you are looking fabulous from head to toe (that includes paying attention to your polish on your hands and toes)!

5320cf2ac65eac1018ea332b023da358  8c47b144a857c14dac463f14c786b96e  724349c4d8c437de57818888c338c262 a3ba148d17e168b03da00cc4bb818353    

Have fun adding just the perfect accessories to your wardrobe and show that Holiday sparkle and shine! 

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