Do you know your Body Shape?

20 Jun


I know this is probably your least favorite topic but we must talk body shapes so you will know how to dress for your specific shape to look your best.  To look your best you need to know what your body shape is and how to dress for it so that your body looks proportional. It’s all about balance and proportion. The only worse topic would be discussing shopping for bathing suits (so we will save that for another week)!

If you have heard me speak or have been following my Blog, you know that I was trained under the guidance of Shari Braendel, speaker and author of the book Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad.  Shari invented the bod-x system for defining body shapes so that is what I will explain here.

There are four basic body shapes and wherever you gain your weight determines your specific body type. Most women gain the majority of their weight in one of four places:

b – belly

o – upper midriff and bust (think overly endowed)

d – derriere

x – evenly gain all over or balanced

Yes, it is possible that you might fit into more than one category and if that is the case you will want to follow the guidelines for both but usually you tend to gain more in one of the specific areas listed above.

I am going to give you the descriptions of each of the four body types so that you will be able to decide which one best describes you.

body type b:

  • Balanced shoulders and hips
  • Gains weight in belly
  • Fuller waist or muffin top
  • Straight figure
  • Not too much in the rear

body type 0:

  • Overly endowed bust
  • Rounded on top, bust, and upper midriff area
  • Full figure
  • Nice legs
  • Usually size 14 and up

body type d:

  • Gains weight in hips, thighs, and derriere
  • Narrow waist
  • Small to medium width shoulders
  • Minimal bustline
  • Full bottom

x body type:

  • Shoulders and hips are balanced
  • Narrow waist
  • Gains weight evenly all over
  • Ideal weight
  • Balanced proportions

It is important to know that you are beautiful just as you are but most all of us have some challenge areas that we would like to make less obvious and I will give you some tips on how to do that — next week.  Yes, you will have to make sure and follow my Blog next week so that you can find out how to dress more balanced!

Remember, if you are having trouble deciding which body type you are, it might be a good idea to contact me for a Personal Style Analysis and I will test for your best colors, do a body type analysis, explain how to accessorize for your frame shape and give you tips on dressing your very best.  Or maybe you want to hire me to take you shopping too!  Feel free to contact me  through my website at for more details on how to do this.


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