Your Dominant Color Characteristics

12 Apr

I have mentioned in previous blog posts that you should pick your clothing colors based on what looks best on YOU.  You may be wondering how to find out what those colors are.  Most of us usually have a pretty good idea of certain colors that we know we look good in based on compliments we receive when wearing those shades. Did you know we each have our own Dominant Color Characteristics that are essential in helping us decide what colors look best on us and are the most flattering?  Our Dominant Color Characteristics are based on our hair, skin and eye colors.

As you may know, I was trained to be an Image Consultant by Shari Braendel, the nation’s most sought-after Christian speaker on the topic of fashion and beauty. Shari  created six dominant color categories based on a person’s dominant color characteristics and this allows us to determine what are going to be your very best colors for clothing and makeup.

In this post I am going to be giving you the basic descriptions of these categories to give you an idea of which one you may be.  However, the best way to tell is to have me do a Personal Style Analysis on you and use my test drapes to clearly define which one is the best for you.  Hopefully, this will help you when reading future posts to know what I am referring to as your Dominant Color Category.

You are a “LIGHT” if you have:

  • naturally blonde hair or white hair
  • fair skin tone 
  • light to medium eye color

You are a “DEEP” if you have:

  • Medium to dark brown or black hair
  • Medium to dark skin tone
  • Hazel, brown or black eyes

You are a “SOFT” if you have:

  • Light to medium brown hair (mousy or dishwater blonde)
  • Light to medium skin tone
  • Medium intensity hazel, brown, blue or green eye color

You are a “CLEAR” if you have:

  • Dark medium  brown or black hair
  • Very fair to light or medium skin tone
  • Bright green, blue or hazel or dark brown eyes

You are a “WARM” if you have:

  • Red or golden blonde or brown hair with reddish highlights
  • Any skin tone, sometimes with freckles
  • Green, blue, brown or hazel eyes

You are a “COOL” if you have:

  • Silver, gray or ash brown hair
  • Light to deep skin tone (often with a pink undertone)
  • Blue, green, hazel or brown eyes

I hope this will help you know which category you fall into so when I refer to these in my future posts  you will know what I am talking about.  If you are interested in learning further what your personal Dominant Color Characteristic Category is, along with other helpful styling information, please contact me to schedule your personal Styling Analysis Session.

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