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What Image are you portraying?

21 Mar

While I think it is so important that we always dress the best that we can and be a positive reflection of who God wants us to be as we are representing ourselves as Christian women, it is so much more important that our spiritual image is where it should be.

We all care about our physical image and what we look like.  We worry if we are too fat, too thin, too wrinkled, are our clothes still in style, and are we having a good hair day…  These are all important things to consider and we do need to care about what we look like and what impression we will have on our customers or clients and others we meet during the day. God wants us to take care of our bodies and to care about our outward appearance.  However, He is much more concerned about our spiritual image and the impression it is making on those we come in contact with every day.  Do we pay as much attention to the words that come out of our mouth as we do to the clothes we put on our bodies?

Have you ever been in the presence of someone that just lit up the room when they entered and everyone’s eyes went immediately to that person?  Every hair was in place and their clothes were perfectly styled and pressed.  Their outward beauty was extraordinary and everyone gravitated to that person immediately but when you heard them speak, the words from their lips were less than flattering.  Suddenly that person no longer became as attractive. 

What kind of impression are you leaving on the people you come in contact with every day?  We all need to focus on our outward appearance and be the best we can be but we also need to focus on the image we are portraying from the inside out. Most importantly the impression we leave should be that of the spirit of Christ which was reflected in the words we spoke and the actions we took.

Our outward appearance may fade with time but our inner spirit will last forever as long as we keep it Christ-centered and it will remain fresh and beautiful and attractive to all those we meet.

Spring 2013 Trends – Part Two

4 Mar

It was another busy week last week so I am a little late in getting Part Two of the Spring Fashion Trends out to you.  I enjoyed speaking to the beautiful ladies of Meridian Baptist Church at their annual Baptist Women’s Day Breakfast last Sunday morning and also enjoyed Styling and Shopping with another beautiful lady last week who is getting ready to start a new career and wanted a more professional image.  This is two ladies I have helped recently who wanted to create a more professional image for their careers.  If you are in the middle of a life-changing event in your life or are maybe just in a “rut” with your style, I would love to help you see what a difference just a few changes can make to get that updated look!

As I explained in my previous post I was invited last month to attend the Belk Spring 2013 Fashion Tour in Charlotte, NC and was privileged to hear firsthand about the newest trends for this Spring season.  This week I am going to share with you the other five of the top ten “most wanted” trends for Spring 2013.  If you have been shopping recently you may have already started to see some of these trends in the stores.  (All of these come from Belk Department Store)

Bold Print Dress-

From flamboyant flowers to digitized tribal and tropical inspirations, you can count on patterns to create a lot of fashion fanfare. Geometrics and print mixes will also make the list.  This dress will be perfect for upcoming spring events like weddings and graduations.


Silky Top-

Hues make headlines as tailored shirts and tops in soft fabrications and bold colors update any warm weather look.


Statement Neck-

Designers go bold or go home. Daring jewelry pieces run the gamut from floral motifs to sculpted metal collars. Count on some drama.  This is one of my favorite things for spring.  I have purchased several different statement necklaces so far this spring in bright, beautiful colors. A fun, trendy way to brighten up any outfit without spending a lot of money!


Fashion Wedge-

Whether sky high or simple slivers, wedges are a wonder. Material mixes and sculpted shapes will have you in style – feet first. Wedge heals are comfortable to wear too!


New Tote-

Style is in the bag with a carry all that is chic as well as functional. Check out north/south shapes and unexpected materials.  I am LOVING these bright colored tote bags for spring.  Another fun way to brighten up an outfit!


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